The Career Leap, a life-altering program
Once there's a will, there is a way

Feeling stuck in a never-ending meeting and wondering "what am I doing here in the first place?"

Lying in bed while regurgitating your last interaction with your boss and asking yourself "how have I ended up here?"

Imagining yourself, joyfully productive and alive, doing  meaningful work, and pondering "what else can I think of to find it?"

Do not despair! There's a pragmatic uplifting method to guide you how to discover your meaningful fulfilling career that'll work for your life

You might believe this:

Having a meaningful fulfilling job is a fantasy.

I don't know what it is. And if I did, it won't pay the bills.

Why bother?

Please hear out a case for something different.

It's based on countless stories of people I personally know (including my own) and something you yourself recognize deep inside:

Finding and doing meaningful fulfilling work is the most sensible choice you have

because you care about

your sanity and well-being,

 setting your kids with a great blueprint for living,

ensuring the world gets the best of you, and

having every moment of your life amazing.

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Hello, I am Misha.

Until not long ago, I was a Partner at a Big Four management consulting firm. I managed $100M+ worth of projects; navigated dozens of corporate cultures; advised hundreds of clients; guided hundreds of careers.

Throughout my 20-year career I tried it all.

I hopped from job to job to find "it."

I stayed with one company for 15 years hoping "it" would strike me.

I took a year off to figure out "my passion."

I added work activities that I found meaningful and created fulfilling endeavors outside of work...

I liked many of my jobs and there were times when I was really excited. But it never felt this was it.

Even when I became a partner at a "big four" management consultancy and got a title, paycheck and recognition...

I couldn't shake off that creepy feeling that I'm just wasting my life away.

So I inquired, studied and explored...

I'll never forget this July morning. There was probably a thousand things that contributed to this moment and it's still a mystery to me how it happened. But suddenly I knew exactly why it wasn't "it." More so, I had language to describe it and a method to explain it to others. This was my moment of truth.

That was the start of The Career Leap method.

Finally after years of wondering and an unexpected moment of truth, I'm doing the work that makes a difference for others, taps into my unique talents and allows me to live my dream life.

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Times of Unprecedented Opportunities

1. The quarantine made remote work acceptable by most. There are very few geographic limitations for your employment options.

2. Society has been going though a massive shift. Businesses are transforming; new ones are showing up. This process always comes with many opportunities that weren't available before.

3. There hasn't been an easier time to start a business. When I had The Career Leap idea, I built a web page in an hour. A few posts on Facebook and LinkedIn landed me the first 3 free clients.

4. There is an unmatched access to learning. You can pick up knowledge and skills, study with teachers in many locations, and even acquire a degree inexpensively online.


3 questions to answer:

1. Where to look for them?

2. How to recognize them?

3. How come you aren't pursuing them?

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There are a few spots available for bold inquisitive individuals to participate in our 3-month career transformation program The Career Leap

Here is what you will get in the program:

✔️ tools to gain awareness of your inner workings for meaning, motivation and success

✔️ your Unique Career Criteria to curate career options, leadership opportunities and business ideas

✔️ an approach to seeking out and evaluating industries, organizations and leaders that are aligned with your criteria

✔️ a process to assess career opportunities against your knowledge, skills and experience

✔️ mastery of continuously identifying and dismantling your disempowering beliefs

✔️ know-how to communicate in an authentic, transparent and relevant way though through your resume, connection letters as well as in interviews and networking opportunities

The Career Leap method is designed to answer these questions.

Here is a simple premise behind The Career Leap method:

Moments of truth: from "useful insights" to powerful choices and actions

4 Pillars of The Career Leap method:

1. Knowing Self: getting to know and articulating important aspects of self; defining your Unique Career Criteria; applying them in exploring industries, organizations, business ideas and careers 

2. Dismantling Disempowering Beliefs: developing mastery of recognizing and deconstructing disempowering beliefs, and creating new empowering context

3. Impactful Communication: bringing 3 principles of impactful communication (authentic, relevant, transparent) to career related communications including your resume, conversations with potential employers, interviews.

4. Intentional action: apply principles of "power" and "momentum" to your pursuit of your next career, job or business

Now you have tools that you can use to reflect, redesign and reinvent your career at any point of your life.

There Is a Method to Discovering Your Passion

Misha allowed me to step away from 'my job as means of survival' mindset and recall what I am actually passionate about in life and in my career. I've got back my spark, interest and curiosity about many aspects of my career that I stopped pursuing for some time. As a result, several new work opportunities surfaced immediately and I'm currently pursuing them.

Anna S., Architect, CT

Clarity and Confidence About Next Steps

I’ve been lucky to have had a relatively successful career, but in the recent years, I’ve become bored, unfulfilled and frankly hating every weekday morning.  I knew the day would be filled with meaningless crisis, droning meetings, or an end-of-day deadline to fill out some gigantic spreadsheet. But the paycheck was important, and I had officially resigned myself to being a career professional stuck in a rut, and headed towards a dead-end.

A few months of a carefully thought out and rigorous curriculum of course-work, working sessions and homework with Misha, I find myself suddenly excited with my career prospects ahead! He helped my truly identify my career values, what makes me tick, understand my strengths and be able to present myself in a way that I am truly passionate about, with evidence to back it all. I’m clear and confident about the next steps in my career - something I have not felt in a long time!

- A. M., IT executive, Financial Services, New York

From Being Stuck to Freedom

I felt stuck in a career/job. Once I expressed my career values, approaching new companies becomes more than just connecting with a former colleague or applying for an open position, but rather a much deeper connection via  common values. Because of the program I took actions outside of my comfort zone. 
I had a great experience working with Misha overall, as he is very professional, personable and can really listen.

Emma B., Product Development manager in AdTech, New York

Now you're just one step away from shifting the trajectory of your career and getting on a journey of an empowered impactful human.

Calling professionals, executives, and leaders

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ready to start The Career Leap, a 3-month career transformation program (group or one-on-one).

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