The Career Leap, a life-altering program

Feeling stuck in a never-ending meeting and wondering "what am I doing here in the first place?"

Lying in bed while regurgitating your last interaction with your boss and asking yourself "when will this end?"

Secretly imagining yourself, joyfully productive and alive, doing  meaningful work, and pondering "what else can I think of to find it?"

Do not despair! There's a pragmatic uplifting method to guide you how to discover your meaningful fulfilling career that'll work for your life

No, we won't have to dissect you to locate your "passion"

Nor you'll have to perform in a new-age chanting circle

We'll take you on an adventure of self-discovery, out of sight choices and purposeful actions

Like any adventure, it takes a commitment, time and effort. And a knowledgeable guide

Our society harbors a common belief:

Having a meaningful fulfilling job is a fantasy.

I don't even know what it is. And if I did, it won't pay the bills.

Why bother?

I'm making a case for something different.

It's based on my personal experience, work that I've done with dozens of my students, countless stories of people I personally know and something you yourself know deep inside:

Finding and doing meaningful fulfilling work is the most sensible choice you have

because you care about

your sanity and well-being,

 giving your kids one of the most important life examples,

ensuring the world gets the best of you, and


Hello, I am Misha.

Till not long ago, I was a partner at a "big four" management consulting firm. I managed $100M+ worth of projects; navigated dozens of corporate cultures; advised hundreds of clients; guided hundreds of careers.

Throughout my 20-year career I tried it all.

I hopped from job to job to find "it."

I stayed with one company for 15 years hoping "it" would strike me.

I took a year off to figure out "my passion."

I added work activities that I found meaningful and created fulfilling endeavors outside of work...

I liked many of my jobs and there were times when I was really excited. But it never felt "this is it".

Even when I became a partner at a "big four" management consultancy and got a title, paycheck and recognition...

I couldn't shake off that creepy feeling that I'm just wasting my life away.

So I inquired, studied and explored...

I'll never forget this July morning. There were probably thousand things contributed to this moment and it's still a mystery to me how it exactly happened. But suddenly I knew exactly why it wasn't "it." More so, I had language to describe it and method to explain it to others. This was my moment of truth.

That was the start of The Career Leap method.

Now my work is teaching others how to find access to their meaningful fulfilling career.

Finally after years of wondering and an unexpected moment of truth, I'm doing the work that makes a difference for others, taps into my unique suite of talents and allows me to live my dream life.

Moments of truth naturally show up when you start dismantling your old paradigm of thinking.

Many people say: I FEEL STUCK IN MY CAREER. 

The experience of stuckness comes when you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has changed, and there's nothing you can see that will work...

But stuckness isn't the problem. It's a symptom that your paradigm of thinking isn't serving you anymore...

Paradigm of thinking is a network of believes, knowledge, assumptions and judgements. It's hard for you to notice it, because it's very similar to fish not noticing the water it swims in.

While your paradigm of thinking operates in the background, it mightily constructs the rational for your actions, justifies your results and shapes your experience of life.

So if you aspire for different types of actions, habits and behaviors,

new ways of experiencing life


fresh ideas for where and what you could do for work

you have to create a different paradigm of thinking.

That's exactly what The Career Leap method is designed for.

So, that career that would leave you feeling engaged, empowered and alive - even though you don't know exactly what it is and where to find it -  you'll discover it in this new paradigm of thinking.

The Career Leap method is designed for you to have an abundance of moments of truth. Are you ready?

You know this feeling: seemingly out of nowhere, there's a thought, often a simple one, that solves a puzzle of questions you've been trying to resolve for a while now. Suddenly, there is clarity about the situation and your next step. That's a moment of truth.

Moments of truth show up naturally and in abundance when you're dismantling your old paradigm of thinking.

The Career Leap method facilitates you distinguishing and dismantling believes that hold you back, and enabling a new empowering context for your career and life.

A new paradigm of thinking starts with awareness of self.

You will discover, understand and articulate intrinsic aspects of you that hold keys to how you experience meaning, fulfillment and your unique ingredients for success, what motivates you and how you work with others.

The  new paradigm of thinking provides access to new ideas, actions and experiences.

This access will lead you to careers that are worthy of your time, effort and life.

We turn your moment of truth from "useful insights" into powerful choices and actions

The Career Leap method will guide you to:

1. Bring awareness, have "Aha" moments and build a new paradigm of thinking

2. Discover a map of career options inside the new paradigm of thinking

3. Make a conscious informed choice of your next career leap

4. Move into action after the career leap with confidence, clarity and structure

Now you have tools that you can use to reflect, redesign and reinvent your career at any point of your life

We have a few spots available for bold inquisitive individuals to participate in our 3-month career transformation program The Career Leap

Here is what you can expect to get out of the program:

✔️ awareness of your inner workings for meaning, fulfillment and success

✔️ a new empowering paradigm of thinking with many fitting career options

✔️ clarity about your next career leap

✔️ structure to pursue it with confidence 

✔️ career transformation tools that can be used to make career decisions for the rest of their lives

Maybe that's you?

 What others say... 

"The program allowed me to step away from 'my job as means of survival' mindset and recall what I am actually passionate about in life and in my career."

"Best investment in myself and my career."

"No more 'justified paralysis'! I’m ready to rock and roll and meet with my next CEO!"

"Because of the program I took actions outside of my comfort zone."

"The process revealed strengths I hadn’t allowed myself to recognize as beneficial to others in their career - and life."

"I am grateful to have learned from someone who is so insightful and knowledgeable."

Now you're just one step away from shifting the trajectory of your career and life

Calling professionals, executives, and leaders

hungry for what's next and

ready to start The Career Leap, a 3-month career transformation program.

Where there's a will, there's a way


I'm not ready to jump in, but I'd love to learn more
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