The Career Leap, a life-altering program

Do you feel a subtle or maybe even an unbearable nudge to discover what's next for your career?

Have you tried making small tweaks or even big changes to your career but you still don't think this is it

Do you believe that you have potential to do something meaningful, impactful and awesome?

We might be able to help.

We have a spot available for a bold inquisitive individuas that in the next 3 months are eager to

~  gain awareness about their inner workings for meaning, satisfaction and success

~  grounded in that awareness, discover their next career leap

~  pursue the career leap with clarity, enthusiasm and structure

~  acquire career transformation tools that can be used to make career decisions for the rest of their lives

Maybe that's you?

We are looking for  3 (1 spot is left) professionals, executives, leaders and entrepreneurs who are hungry for what's next and ready to start The Career Leap program in January 2021

Meet Misha Rubin

Hello, I am Misha. After years of fruitful corporate career, I now focus on activities that make a difference for others and spark joy in my heart. One of those projects is The Career Leap.

For the past twenty years, I was deeply immersed into both the material world and spiritual realm. Now, I bring both these paradigms together to empower people and organizations.

Untill recently, I was a partner at a "Big Four" management consulting firm, where I spent 15 glorious years. I managed $100M+ worth of projects; navigated dozens of corporate cultures; advised hundreds of clients; guided the careers of hundreds of professionals.

Based on my corporate experience and personal journey, i developed The Career Leap method - a pragmatic, elevating and actionable process designed for you to obtain clarity about your next career move.

Paradigm shift

Here are some of the most widely used considerations for making career choices. Which one has had the biggest impact in your career journey?

1. Skills and experience: Once we make an investment into learning a skill or acquiring an experience, we look for jobs that are related to them.

2. Opportunity: We are presented with an opportunity that offers us often greater compensation and/or responsibility. 

3. Personal considerations: We make choices based on our preferences for compensation, location, travel requirements, flexibility, etc.

No doubt - all these considerations are of great importance.

But do they shape career paths that grant us clarity and vision of why our work is worth our time, effort and life?

To answer this big question, we need a different paradigm of thinking. This is why we created The Career Leap method.

How does The Career Leap method work?



The Career Leap method is designed:

1. To bring awareness to essential parts of you that have direct impact on your sense of meaning, satisfaction and success

2. To use that awareness to discover a leap map of career options

3. To make a conscious informed choice of your next career leap

4. To move into action after the career leap with clarity, enthusiasm and structure

Now you will have tools that you can use to reflect, redesign and reinvent your career at any time of your life

What others say...

"The program allowed me to step away from 'my job as means of survival' mindset and recall what I am actually passionate about in life and in my career."

"Best investment in myself and my career."

"No more 'justified paralysis'! I’m ready to rock and roll and meet with my next CEO!"

"Because of the program I took actions outside of my comfort zone."

"The process revealed strengths I hadn’t allowed myself to recognize as beneficial to others in their career - and life."

"I am grateful to have learned from someone who is so insightful and knowledgeable."

We are looking for

professionals, executives, leaders and entrepreneurs

who are hungry for what's next and

ready to start The Career Leap, a 3-month career transformation program in January 2021.

Maybe that's you?

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