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Join hundreds of professionals who've taken charge of their careers with our help to
Reinventing their careers, switching industries, changing roles and starting businesses
Pursuing and getting the jobs they wanted
Excelling at their current roles or new jobs; finding inner alignment and creating a balanced life
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The Career Leap Method is an innovative, proven system designed to provide radical clarity, guide your career decisions, and make you unstoppable in your pursuits.
Reinventing Your Career
EXCEL: Thrive at Your Current or a New Role
 About Misha Rubin  

Hi, I'm Misha. I'm a Career Educator and CEO of The Career Leap. I facilitate meaningful intentional life change at work and in life. This includes helping professionals and executives find the right career path for them, realize their full potential, and thrive at work.

I spent 15 fruitful years at Ernst & Young, making Partner at that time. I was an advisor to hundreds of Wall Street executives, managed hundreds of millions worth of projects, and guided countless professionals and executives in their careers.

I understand the challenge of achieving worldly success while seeking meaning and fulfillment, which is why I'm dedicated to finding practical answers to important questions about purpose and impact in the workplace.

Since leaving my corporate career, I’ve worked with

IT Executives,
Wall St Executives,
Marketing Executives,

Finance Professionals,
Product Managers,
Project Managers,




 to help them reinvent their careers and lives.

" far the best investment in myself and my career”
-Gina, Program Manager
“He’s turned into a completely different person”
...a client’s loving wife
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