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About The Career Leap program

This 4-month THE CAREER LEAP journey is specifically designed for executives and experienced professionals who are ready to discover their next career move, whether that means jumping industries or roles, and getting the job they want.

Nail your next career move and land the job you want.

There are 3 components in the structure of the program:

Discovery. Intention is to nail your next career move. You'll go on a journey of self-discovery using proprietary tools from The Career Leap Method. You'll explore career options that fit your criteria and nail your direction.

Pursuit. Intention is to land the job you want. Rooted in proprietary tools of Career Leap method, we will build your story brand (for resume, interviews and all communications), identify potential employers, learn winning interview strategies and negotiation techniques.

Foundation: will equip you with the essential tools for dismantling disempowering beliefs, building the Board of Supporters, and mastering Principles of Impactful Communication. These skills will serve you for the rest of your life, both in and out of your career.

The program is customized to meet your unique needs, and once your application is accepted, you'll be invited to schedule a conversation to discuss the details.
About Misha Rubin
Misha has worked with hundreds to reinvent their careers and reenergize their lives.
Misha Rubin is a career educator and CEO of The Career Leap. His mission is to help people find their paths, realize their potential and thrive at work.

He was a Partner at Ernst & Young, where he spent 15 fruitful years of his career. He advised hundreds of Wall Street executives, sold and managed hundreds millions worth of projects and guided countless professionals in their careers.

Misha experienced both success and misery of the corporate world. This pushed him to seek answers to important questions of purpose, fulfillment and empowerment, and, most importantly, how to realized them in the workplace.

Since leaving his corporate career, Misha dedicated his lifework to helping others discover their inner alignment and clarity, and pursue what's next for them.
Testimonial: From Stuck to Thriving
A real story of how to reinvent oneself and make a Career Leap

Application for ONE ON ONE The Career Leap program

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