The Career Leap is a method and curriculum that gives you power tools to gain clarity about your aspirations and move into the driver's seat of building your career.  
We worked with hundreds professionals to help them address the following areas:
Inner alignment: understanding your unique career design criteria and making right for you choices
Getting ahead: getting a raise or promotion, increasing your responsibilities
Balanced life: avoiding burnouts, designing life with work and other life priorities
Expanding leadership impact within your organization
Changing jobs, pivoting into a new industry, role or career
Are you ready for what's next for you?
Group Programs
Enough of not knowing what to do next...
 Dealing with a difficult work situation?
Plotting how to get your next promotion or raise?
Considering a new job or career? 
Gain clarity and take control of your career
an interactive clarity-to-action course
Feb 15 - March 15, 2023
5 one-hour live zoom sessions in a group setting
Examine your long-term and short-term career aspirations as well as your blocks to achieving them.
Learn Career Design Hacking - how to understand your inner drivers and aspirations, and use them to make choices, and initiate small and big changes in your career
Apply Effortless Actions Technique - how to stop procrastinating and beating yourself up for it, and instead take plentiful actions riding on the wave of clarity
Get tools on how to make requests, have important career conversations and explore new career opportunities.
 Let's design your career path together.... 
There is a method to discovering your passion
Anna S., 41, Connecticut, Architect
Misha allowed me to step away from 'my job as means of survival' mindset and recall what I am actually passionate about in life and in my career.

I've got back my spark, interest, and curiosity. As a result, several new work opportunities surfaced immediately and I'm currently pursuing them.
Bespoke One-on-One programs
Audience: Professionals, executives, leaders, entrepreneurs
There are 3 themes of these programs.
1-2 month program that allows you to gain clarity, make decisions and take actions in the areas of career that you identified

4-5 month program designed to support you in discovering and pursuing your next job or career.

6-12 month program designed to maximize your impact in your organization, business or community.

All programs are rooted in proprietary tools of The Career Leap Method (see below).

Each one-on-one program is uniquely design to leave you empowered and impactful to pursue your career aspirations.
Leaving career after 30 years
Rebecca W., 52, NC, Registered Nurse
I finally got the tools to transition out of a 30 year career into something that will provide an income, and be work I am aligned with completely and thoroughly enjoy doing. That seemed like an impossible concept until I met Misha.

I would recommend the program to anyone who is even considering a new or different career. 
The Career Leap Method
The Career Leap is a method and curriculum that gives you power tools and processes so that you gain clarity about your aspirations and get into the driver's seat of building your career.

Here are some of the tools.
Career Design Criteria.
This is your most important tool to gain clarity. You will uncover your innate criteria (e.g. vocational value system), your aspirational criteria and your work-life integration criteria.

Career Leap Discovery Process.
A process that produces a list of ideas of where and what you can be doing for work based on your Career Design Criteria. The exploration includes both industry options and as well as roles. The second part of the process is about narrowing down ideas to the ones you will pursue.

Clarity to Action framework.
This your effortless action tool! You will map out your clarity points, decisions you need to make and actions to take. Once we have clarity, we naturally make decisions and then our actions become effortless (no more beating yourself up!)

Principles of Impactful Communication.
You will use this tools to have conversations with your bosses (including tough ones), nail it on interviews and build communities.
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Breakthrough Plan
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From Being Stuck to Freedom
Emma B., 40, Product Development manager in AdTech, New York
I felt stuck in a career/job. Once I expressed my career values, approaching new companies becomes more than just connecting with a former colleague or applying for an open position, but rather a much deeper connection via  common values. Because of the program I took actions outside of my comfort zone. 

I had a great experience working with Misha overall, as he is very professional, personable and can really listen.
For teams, organizations, communities
Organizational Leap

Audience: Teams, communities, organizations

Based on individual needs of a group of individuals, we can design a program or a speaking session around the following ideas:
- common value systems
- vision and mission
- specific goals
- ground rules of communication
- conflict resolution
Featured Interview with Misha Rubin,
Mastermind of The Career Leap method.

Battling Career Stagnation
Careers are dynamic journeys. As on any journey, it's expected that one gets lost or stuck at some point.
The trick's not to stay stuck for long periods of time!
Career stagnation sucks. It's boring. It's stressful. It eats your heart and brain... Especially when you want to go to sleep...
Here are the 4 symptoms of career stagnation:
You have not produced results you expect from yourself
You have goals but don't know how to go after them
You feel stuck and don't know what's right for you
You don't feel fulfilled and motivated
Do you relate to at least one of them?

Important! Career stagnation is not your fault. From early childhood we're taught zillion of things, but

we are not given life-saving career tools:
To evaluate career options and make right for us choices
To become clear about what we want and how to ask for it (e.g. your promotion, raise, work-life balance)
To make smooth transitions from one career point into the next one 
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