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Calling high school & college students...
What Should I do With My Life?

You're at the point of your student life when you're asking yourself:
~ What major should I pick?
~ Have I picked the right one?
~ How do I start examining my career path?

After all, you have this lifetime to do something wonderful, meaningful and impactful. So you might as well make solid thoughtful choices right from the start.

We're educated on so many topics (including some of doubtful usefulness), but rarely, if ever, we're taught how to choose our careers - one of the most important decisions of our lives.

Do not despair!

There's a pragmatic uplifting method to guide you how to examine and discover your career options...

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I wish that when I was making my first career decisions, someone took my hand and told me: Pause! Don't rush. Consider why you're making these choices. 

It took me more than 20 years to finally arrive to a point when my career is fully aligned with values, makes the type of difference I know I can and should make, and works for my life.

Hello, I am Misha Rubin. Until recently I was a Partner at Big Four management consulting firm, where I spent 15 fruitful years. I managed over hundred-million-dollar worth of projects, advised a countless number of clients, and guided hundreds of careers.

My corporate experience, personal quest for meaning and fulfillment, and rigorous study, birthed The Career Leap method - a pragmatic, elevating and actionable process designed for people to obtain clarity about their next career moves.

Be Ready for What's Coming!

1. It's likely that you'll have more than one career in your lifetime

Some decades back, people in your shoes were picking a career for the rest of their life. Times have changed! Industries, careers, skills, and requirements are evolving fast.

Personally, I think we live in much more fun times! But it makes it even more important to understand how to create criteria to choose your next career or evaluate next job opportunity

2. Knowing what to do with your life is a function of knowing oneself

We are all designed in unique ways. What if you knew and could articulate:
~ what brings you a sense of meaning and fulfillment?
~ what are you ingredients for success?
~ what work arrangements are motivating for you?
~ should I start my own business or work for someone?

Answering these questions creates criteria for you to explore industries, careers, majors and business ideas and see which ones are worth pursuing.

But a bigger question is what types of experiences you still need to gain to answer these important questions about you.

3. Having an "explorer" mindset is beyond finding one time answers

There are very few things in this life that we know for sure. But you can count on this:
~ who you are will continue evolving
~ our society is in a constant transition
~ technology accelerates societal change processes

In other words: everything you know will change. The "explorer" mindset in your career will serve you for the rest of your life.

3 Pillars of The Career Leap method for Students:

1. Know self: getting to know and articulating important aspects of self; applying them in exploring industries, majors, business ideas and careers. Identifying experiences needed for you to deepen your self-knowledge 

2. Dismantle Disempowering Beliefs: developing mastery of recognizing and deconstructing disempowering beliefs, and creating new empowering context

3. Master "Explorer" Mindset: learning principles of "Explorer" mindset and applying them in your life.

Now you have tools that you can use to choose areas of study, evaluate job offers and business opportunities, and stay in nimble.

How does it work?
Session 1
  • Discovering your values (an inner compass for meaning and fulfillment) and how to use them for career choices (an element of Unique Career Criteria)
  • Starting your Aspirational Experience List
  • Starting to build your Board of Supporters
Session 2
  • Exploring industries aligned with your career values
  • Discovering your strengths and how to evidence  and articulate them to the word (an element of Unique Career Criteria)
  • Introducing the "intuitive practice" habit
  • Continuing to build your Aspirational Experience list
Session 3
  • Examining your motivation mechanism (an element of Unique Career Criteria)
  • Should I become an entrepreneur?
  • Exploring careers aligned with your strengths
  • Introducing the "exploration practice" habit
  • Understanding the construct of disempowering beliefs, and their impact on how you produce results and experience life
Session 4
  • Examining your interaction profile (an element of Unique Career Criteria)
  • Reviewing and prioritizing industry and career considerations
  • Outlining actions to continue research of career leaps (including additions to Aspirational Experiences List)
Session 5
  • Embracing principles of "Explorers" mindset
  • Leveraging Board of Supporters
  • Developing a year long plan to implement aspirational experiences
  • Celebrating

There are a few spots available for bold inquisitive individuals to participate in our 2-month group career discovery program The Career Leap for Students

Here is what you will get in the program:

✔️ tools to gain awareness of your inner workings for meaning, motivation, and success

✔️ your Unique Career Criteria to curate your career, business and educational aspirations

✔️ an approach to seeking out and evaluating majors, industries, organizations and business ideas that are aligned with your criteria

✔️ a list of experiences you want to explore to deepen your self-knowledge

✔️ mastery of continuously identifying and dismantling your disempowering beliefs

✔️ know-how of "Explorer" mindset that you can apply in your daily life

Direction. Clarity. Structure.

From Being Stuck to Freedom

As a student I had trouble figuring out what career I wanted in the future. There seemed to be too many options and I couldn't decide which one to choose. Taking Misha's class helped me figure out what career to choose. It also provided me with lessons that I will cherish in the future! He catered the classes to my unique experience and we had engaging conversations that helped me get out of my comfort zone. The questions he asked not only helped my career choice but helped me in my personal life as well. I am grateful to have learned from someone who is so insightful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with finding the right path for themselves.

Petra V., college junior, California

Now you're just one step away from getting on an exploration of your lifetime

Calling students: from high school juniors to college seniors

hungry for what's next and

ready to start The Career Leap for Students, a 2-month career discovery program.

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