The Career Leap for Students

A 3-session program to create a clarity for your first career step.

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“The first step, my son, which one makes in the world, is the one on which depends the rest of our days.."   -Voltaire

If you're currently in college or working on your post-graduate degree


you're in the process of figuring out what's next for you and how to properly start your career path,

please know that the answers to these questions will become one of the most important decision of your life and you will feel the impact of this decision for years to come.

In spite of everything you might've heard or even observed:


Let me tell you about The Career Leap Method, an inquiry based process that grounds you in your values,

creates a map of career possibilities


navigates you to the destination of your next career leap.

And of course,

you could read career books and continue your discovery on your own...



an inquisitive one-on-one program

THE CAREER LEAP for students
with Misha Rubin, the mastermind behind The Values Leap Method
3-session program designed to set you on the path of meaningful and satisfying future.

now just $67

(what?? - yes, we have ridiculously low prices for products we are current testing.)

While through out our life we're taught how to acquire subject matter knowledge, get up to speed with new technologies and even sharpen soft skills, we don't get educated about how to align our lives to our values.


we spend a significant part of our lives at work.


according to the recent Gallup polls, only about 15% of workforce experiences satisfaction.


on the other side of the spectrum we hear loud voices follow your passion! follow your passion! and while there is evidence that it might've worked for a few, it is not clear what to do for the rest of us...

This is why we developed The Career Leap Method.

The Career Leap Method

The premise behind The Career Leap Method is simple. If you ever feel stuck, unsatisfied, miserable or anything but elated at your work, hobby or just about anything you do, more likely than not they are not aligned with you values.

Even if you're producing results, accomplishments and successes that the rest of the world finds astonishing... The only thing that counts in the matters of fulfillment is whether they stack up to your inner measuring stick, that purely represents your values.

But if you are clear about your values -- your choices, communication, and people and organizations you align with will take you on the path of meaning and fulfillment.

This is how we do it.

Part A: Inputs

1. Your career values. 

Your values related to your career aren't something you have to develop or invent. Those values already sit inside of you. We will take you through a process to tweeze them out.

You'll be able to articulate your career values in a simple statement that makes sense and rings so true! (I will share mine further down.)

2. Your strenghts.

In most organizations, the corporate culture requires evaluations that are focused on the weaknesses in one's performance and specific plans to improve in the areas of weakness.

Instead, we will focus on identifying and getting you grounded in your strengths - the areas that are already or had in the past made you successful.

3. Auxiliary intentions.

There could be some other things you would want to be present in your next job or career. We will inquire into what else is important: being on TV, travel, money, flexibility or what else? You will be clear.

Part B. Creation

Building on the inputs above, we will start a creative process of developing your Career Path Map. We will not leave any stones unturned starting with your current job as well as department, company and industry you're working in; venturing into exploration of careers, industries and companies that are aligned with your values and strengths. We will even explore what's following your passion would look like for you.

You will come out of this exercise with a wide range of ideas and possibilities for your career journey.

Part C: Your Career Leap.

We have different circumstances and appetite for risks. We will use your Career Path Map to identify the destination that's moving your career in the right direction, aligned with your values and strengths while it would work for other aspects of your life.

You'll come out clear about your next career leap and action steps to get there.

What we're here for is to create a paradigm shift in how you think and communicate about your career and approach your work search.

And for this you need a guide...

Meet Misha Rubin
Your Course Leader

Hello, I am Misha Rubin. I left my corporate career to focus on activities that spark light in my heart and make a difference for others. One of those projects is The Career Leap.

Through out past over twenty years, I dove fully into both material, business and corporate worlds as well as spiritual, inner and ontological realms. My mission is to bring both paradigms to empower people.

Till recently I was a partner at a big four management consulting & accounting firm, where I spent 15 glorious years of my career. I managed over hundred-million-dollar worth of projects; navigated dozens of corporate cultures; advised hundreds of clients; built countless number of strategies, processes and systems; managed and guided careers of hundreds of people.  

For two years I was the partner in charge of the Flexibility & Work-Life Balance initiative that created significant quantifiable and recognized impact for our employees.

While being a busy-bee management consultant, I released a music album of my original songs "Are We Ready" (under Misha Lyuve), developed a jewelry line, wrote a blog, traveled the world, adopted three kids, and expressed my passion about children causes as a board member of Worldwide Orphans.

In my spiritual and personal transformation work, I've been a committed student of incredible educational organizations and masters, including Landmark Worldwide, Clairvision School of Meditation, Sophie McLean, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, David Deida, Osho among others.

Lastly, I have a BA in Computer Science & Math from NYU and completed Harvard Leadership Program.

THE CAREER LEAP for students
with Misha Rubin, the mastermind behind The Values Leap Method
3-session program designed to set you on the path of meaningful and satisfying future.

now just $67

yes,  this is for real when we test our products

"Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage."

~ Maya Angelous

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